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Active Shooter Protection and Gun Detection

Protect your people and save lives through early threat detection, and rapid response with visual gun detection. Our AI-powered Gun Detect software brings reliable, 24x7 monitoring to security cameras, creating a widely deployable early gun detection solution. Identify gun threats at first sight within fractions of a second.

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Early Gun and Active Shooter Detection

Our AI-powered visual Gun Detect Software leverages your existing security cameras to create a widely deployable early gun detection solution. In fractions of a second, our AI identifies a gun threat and sends an alert for human verification. Early detections of gun threats are critical, but only the first step to protecting people from active shooters.

Robust Response to Maximize Every Second

A robust response is what changes outcomes of an active shooter incident. At the touch of a button, emergency response plans and systems are automatically activated to maximize every critical second. Detailed situational intelligence is dispatched to police and onsite security teams throughout an incident for a rapid and much more effective response.

Our Emergency Communications and Automation Platform broadcasts alerts and notifications to those impacted - beyond mass text, email, and voice to mobile safety apps, social media, PA announcements and digital signage. Security and safety systems are activated to lock doors, sound alarms, change lighting, highlight evacuation routes and much more.

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Active Shooter alert on security camera

Stop Gun Violence Before It Begins

Gun Detect is a comprehensive, preventative platform that combines innovative AI gun detection with the industry's leading emergency management service. Coupled with an organization's own video surveillance system, the result is a seamless, end-to-end solution that encompasses gun detection, notification, engagement and full crisis management for a proactive response to gun violence. Built on an open architecture, Gun Detect offers complete interoperability with most security camera and video monitoring installations, extending and enhancing investments in this existing hardware.

Gun Recognition AND Behavior Monitoring

Unlike other solutions that merely provide weapon identification, Gun Detect has a three-step verification process that not only recognizes a gun, but also behavior consistent with gun violence. When a threat is present, the system triggers an alert that sets the security team into action, along with prescribed notification scenarios. Gun Detect delivers instant gun detection, near-zero false positives and the confidence that your people, buildings and assets are protected.


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